Toasters and Toaster Ovens

The microwave is perhaps the most convenient tool in the kitchen, but anyone that actually enjoys eating food should agree that the device tends to make food a little less appetizing than in could be.  It generally fails to make crispy things, well, crispy enough. But when the only alternative thought of is to use the oven, the time savings is simply too much to overlook.  Thankfully, any well set up kitchen should have at least one of two alternatives – a toaster or toaster oven.

The toaster is perhaps the more common of the two appliances, and also the more limited. A toaster is perfect for its given name, but that is really all it can do.  By using actual heat instead of microwaves, the toaster allows the same sort of cooking process that is used in an oven, but at a more rapid pace. The appliance is perfect for toasting bread, or cooking breakfast pastries.

The toaster oven, on the other hand, is more of a full-fledged kitchen appliance. Most meals that have oven instructions also have instructions for the toaster oven.  It simply requires (generally) a higher temperature and a faster cooking time as compared to its larger cousin. This appliance is great for cooking almost anything that would be cooked in an oven, though its size makes it perfect for this smaller jobs or single serving items.  And, as just mentioned, this smaller size also allows for a shorter preheating time and a generally shorter cook time – in short, it functions as a more convenient oven for smaller snacks or meals.  Additionally, it should be mentioned that it can also reduce the temperature in your home, especially the kitchen, by avoiding having to turn on your large oven.

They are great alternatives to using a microwave. Rather than radiating food, they use traditional heating methods to provide a crispier, more appetizing meal.  If you don’t already own one or are shopping for a new one, this is the time to upgrade.  You can also make a modern looking toaster oven part of your kitchen remodeling plans, at least in color scheme.

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