Top 3 Features In Whirlpool Spas

There are hundreds of whirlpool brands and models out, this is what can make it difficult to find the right one for you and your needs.  With this wide variety of styles and models, it can be tricky to find the features that you really want in one whirlpool. Don’t confuse these more modern pools with your average hot tubs of yesteryear, these utilize the very best of today’s technologies.

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There are any number of applications for whirlpools in your home or backyard spaces!

While most whirlpool spas showcase the same features, there are some features that really stand out. The following are three features that you should look for when shopping for spas.

•    Hydrotherapy jets – Hydrotherapy jets are not new and they are integrated in almost every modern hot tub. However, you should really look for a whirlpool that has various jet features. For example, a whirlpool should have at least a couple of foot blaster jets. This is so that you could enjoy foot massage while taking a bath. There are also whirlpool spas that have neck jets. Would not it be great if different parts of your body are being massaged all at ones? There are also stat-of-the-art patented jets which cause water to spew out in a twisting manner. Tubs that have these jets are very recommendable.

•    Sound system – Hydrotherapy is great for you, and so is music therapy. Would not it be nice if you could enjoy both types of therapies at ones? Look for whirlpool spas that have integrated sound systems. You might think that combining sound systems and whirlpool spas is impossible, but prepare to get amazed. Spa sound systems are equipped with MP3 adapters, CD trays, and high quality speakers. You could play a very nice Hawaiian music track so that you could easily imagine that you are on vacation. Most spas that have sound system feature floatable remote controls.

•    LED lighting – Your luxurious experience with whirlpool spas will not be complete without LED lighting. Look for spas that have awesome web lighting systems so that you will be able to enjoy the detail and texture of the interior of your spa even at the dark. If you do not want to spend much, you could choose LED lights that only feature one color. However, there are also lighting systems where the lights showcase a lot of colors.

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