Trendy Curtain Decorating Ideas

There are many standard curtain decorating ideas that have been used over the years and in recent years new decorative ideas have been developed and made famous by different designers as well as home owners. With these new trends, home owners cannot go wrong.

A trend that has become famous in the last few years involves minimal covering. More homeowners and designers are slowly stripping away the heavy window treatments and replacing them with simple shades made from light fabrics. This design is recommended for the kitchen where plenty of light is required. Luxury fabric can be used but should be more focused on simplicity thus increasing embellishment and luxury as desired by the owner. The minimalist design increases the amount of light that can enter a room but does not necessarily guarantee absolute privacy.

Another new trend is the addition of texture to the fabrics used to make curtains. This can be done by use of unique materials such as rattan bamboo and other natural fibers which tend to add visual effect especially if used for window shades. To make the window more unique the owner may opt for curvy trends. For kitchen curtains where most appliances, cabinets and counters are mostly in straight lines, the curved curtains would give a softer feeling.

Designers today are mixing traditional window accessories with modern designs. Some curtain decoration ideas that have gained popularity are using unusual curtain hardware which brings a different overall look to any room. Bamboo and other natural or wood textures have replaced the dominating metallic hardware. To add a personal touch, home owners can use antique tiebacks, or can play around with hanging metallic chains.

Homeowners can also experiment with new curtain colors especially when neutral bedroom color schemes are concerned. Contemporary tones such as terracotta, black green, brown and gold can create a whole new essence to the home. The same applies to the fabric prints. More and more home owners are choosing curtains with big prints in colors that complement the overall color scheme of the house by offering traditional tastes and graphic geometric patterns.

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