Tub Chairs For The Bedroom

Many people may not think of having a tub chair in the bedroom, but if you go to any top hotels you will no doubt see one contained in the bedroom. Of course the decision to have this type of furniture in your bedroom will depend on a few factors. First of all you will need a good sized bedroom to fit the chair in it. There is little point squeezing a good sized piece of furniture in any room if it looks out of place. Most tub chairs are placed into the corners of the bedroom where they are out of the way. This gives you more access and will not clutter up the room to much.

Some people choose to put them by the dressing table, but the choice is entirely down to you. Another important consideration is the color. Ideally you want things to match up, so choosing a color that compliments your existing decor is always a good idea. Lighter colors will give an impression of more space, and also help the natural light to flow around the bedroom.

The material of the tub chair can make a big difference too. The most popular choice is fabric because it tends to match the bed sheets. Matching textures together can make things look more stable and consistent. Fabric is also the most popular material used for most chairs so the choice available is very good. There are hundreds of different styles and designs out there. If you want to be a bolder then look for some creative patterned fabric. This goes well with neutral decor because it will stand out more and draw attention.  For that classic look, go with the leather tub chair as in the photo.

Finally, look for the quality of the chair. It may be the case that it will not be used on a daily basis, so you can opt for a cheaper design that still looks the part. You can pick up a decent one for under $200, some even less than this. But be aware that lower prices generally mean lower quality.

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