What Types Of Garage Floor Coatings Work Well?

You will find there are many options to have the appearance and security you want if you are searching for a treatment for your garage floor. Covering your garage floor makes a lot of sense for two reasons. First, it protects the sub-floor against destruction and guarantees a safe anti-slip surface even though some water and oil drops from the engine may mix together. Secondly, a coating actually makes your garage appear crisp and clean and your pride and joy car will stand out despite sitting still.

There are two major types of garage floor coatings namely epoxy and polyurethane which provide a shield of protection for the concrete.  The epoxy coating systems are the most common because they cure to a tough finish.  Epoxies are made of two parts, the resin and hardener.  These must be stored separate up to the time of application, as they will begin to set up together within 10 minutes after being mixed.

In general, it is a good option to do approximately a 6′ square area  at a time, so you have enough time to get the mixture spread before it starts to harden.  After about 18 hours of drying time you can usually walk on the floor but you should not drive your car on the floor for three days.  To add a nice accent to the floor, a really amazing option is to spread color flecks on the surface after it is rolled out.
Polyurethane is the second major group of garage floor coatings.  This material is very long lasting and also has more elasticity than epoxy.  It is also less probable to degrade over time in direct sunlight, which can flow through your doors and windows.

The main disadvantage is it needs a two-step process involving rolling a layer of primer down before deploying the real polyurethane.  It can be shaded and also color flecks may be added just like epoxy.  There are more floor paintings available but they are just that, a paint, because they offer no protection against spills and dings.  If you do not mind a little hard work this is actually a great do-it-yourself project.  You can also invest in garage floor tiles as another way to cover the floor of your garage.  These are resistant to the common chemicals and spills found in a garage and be easily replaced or removed when damaged.

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