The Types of Shower Enclosures

The majority only think of one thing when it comes to showers: a place to get clean. However, they fail to think about the fact that on the market today, there are a large variety of aesthetically beautiful shower enclosures from which to choose.  Sure, the basic functional need is the same, but the one you will select depends primarily on how you want your shower to actually look.

One type of shower enclosure has framed shower doors. These are some of the most inexpensive doors you can buy, and for good reason. The glass used to make these is very thin, and aluminum or thin steel frames are used to support them. They need to be supported because they will break far too easily. Because they are so cheap, however, they are the kind of shower enclosure that are installed most commonly by home builders.  If you’re looking for a budget-friendly version, then this is the type of shower design you want to find.

Frameless walk in shower enclosures are the type of enclosure that most people would like to have. After careful inspection, you’ll realize something is missing. This missing piece, as the name suggests, is the frame. This is due to the fact that this type of enclosure does not need a frame to be safe. It sounds very strange, but in fact these doors are made of glass that is so thick it doesn’t require a frame. These are much more expensive than the standard shower doors and are much more preferred. The cost comes from the special configuration you need to make frameless shower doors work.

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If your budget will not permit you to purchase a frameless shower enclosure, then you can look into purchasing a semi-framed enclosure. The reduced cost of these enclosures make it a better option for the person who wants the look of a frameless enclosure, but can’t afford it. Essentially, this kind of enclosure has the frame on the sides, doesn’t on the bottom and top. This structure allows you to have the look of a frameless enclosure at a much cheaper price.

Although there are three fundamental enclosure styles, the kinds of shower doors you can purchase are almost endless. You’ll be impressed by the array of designs and colors you can choose. Provided you have the funds, you can get a walk in enclosure that perfectly matches the look of your bathroom, whether it be framed or frameless, and if you can’t find one that’s already made that will work, you can even get one custom made for you to fit your bathroom configuration perfectly.

These style of walk in showers are a nice focal point because you don’t have that metal frame or an unsightly shower curtain to take your eye away from the overall design of the bathroom space.  Since people usually first notice the shower when they walk in your bathroom, shower enclosures are an integral part of the decor. Make sure to maintain your shower, and most importantly, ensure that it suits your personal sense of style.

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