Unclogging A Toilet Like A Plumbing Superstar

You’ve got 20 minutes before your guests arrive for dinner, and your toilet has just clogged up.  As there’s no time to call a plumber, you’ve got to try and fix the problem for yourself.  You’ll be pleased to know that by using a few simple methods for unclogging a toilet you should be able to get your blockage cleared in well under 20 minutes.

Your first step is to do nothing.  Realizing you may be in a rush, just wait five minutes before you do anything.  If the clog is simply a result of too much toilet paper, after a few minutes of being submerged this will start to soften.  If you’re lucky the clog will clear away on its own without you having to do anything.

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If simply waiting didn’t work, grab a half a gallon of how water and pour this into the bowl.  Of course, make sure the bowl doesn’t overflow.  This technique works remarkably well and as it’s very easy to do, it’s always worth a try.

It’s a good idea to add some dish washing liquid to the water to try and lubricate the blockage as much as possible.  As the liquid has a higher density than water, it will sink to the bottom of the bowl, which is exactly where you need it.  Here’s more on how to unclog a toilet with dish soap.

If the above techniques have not worked, you’ve got a stubborn clog on your hands.  It’s time to get out the toilet plunger.  If you don’t have one of these toilet plungers that are specially designed for the toilet (see the extra rubber flange at the bottom of the rubber cup) a standard sink plunger will do.

Some plumbers and experts suggest rubbing a little petroleum jelly around the edge of the rubber where it makes a seal with the toilet, but this is not strictly necessary.  What is important though is to expel all the air and water on the down thrust and then pull up strongly to exert a strong suction or ‘pulling’ force on the blockage.  It is normally this pull back that gets the blockage dislodged.

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