The Unique Patio Design of Tuscan Patio Decor

I love the Tuscan look because it uses the palette of earth tones and this is the perfect blend for outdoors. However, it’s really best if you’re starting in your yard from scratch. Sometimes your entire garden or patio designs really need to be based around this theme. This is just because the Tuscan style focuses more on architecture and simplicity. You’re going to see a lot of built-in structures. There might be pergola design gazebos with natural earth-tone curtains hanging on them. You’re also going to see more rustic textures like bamboo shades. So, if you just had your typical English flower garden look, then there isn’t going to be cohesion in your design.

patio design_tuscan patio decorOne essential element is going to be stone and you want to use this on your patio. There are many options if natural stone is not in the budget or if you wish to go with something even more decorative.  Specifically, stamped concrete is a popular option. However, even if you can just go with a stained concrete this also works well because it also uses many of the warm colors that are vital for this design style. I even find that it’s possible to use a lot of the Spanish clay tiles in this feeling – both a Mediterranean feel. There can also be a Southwestern feel to them, so you need to pay attention to detail.


As far as the wood tones go for this space, you really need to add richness. If you’d rather go for a more sustainable wood, then mahogany is likely out.  Cedar and other engineered wood products can be durable and more environmentally friendly as well.

If you don’t have a wood deck, try this on your patio furniture itself. The actual cushions can be a little bit difficult to track down but you just are going to want to stick with things in solid colors. Oftentimes, you can find prints or striped patterns that work quite well for creating the look and feel you are after.

There also is an element of elegance in this look. You may think that you can get away with terra-cotta pots and if they are more of a sculpted resin with intricate vinework on them it may work. However, if it’s just a plain terra-cotta pot this is going to be too rustic. Instead, you’re going to see more of an urn kind of style. This helps adds in the elegance. Tuscan patios are fairly low maintenance because of the architectural features and simple landscaping choices.

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