uPVC Double Glazing – Frequently Asked Questions

Undoubtedly over the past decades uPVC double glazing has become the most installed double glazing throughout the entire world.  As that is the case why are there homeowners that are unsure as to the benefits of this type of glazing.  In this article we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding double glazed uPVC windows.

1.    What are the advantages of these windows?

They have many advantages over any single glazed window units and even advantages over timber and aluminium double glazing. These windows are very effective at improving the energy efficiency of your home and will definitely help you to save money when it comes to cutting down on the amount you have to pay for heating oil.

Double glazing is more secure and safer than single glazing.  Single glazing can shatter easily and could cause injury and for the same reason is an invitation to burglars to enter into your home.  They are also pretty maintenance free in comparison to the painting that has to be carried out on timber windows every five or six years.

2.    Do they come in a limited range of styles and colours?

Heretofore this was a problem with regard to uPVC windows, but in recent years they are being produced in a large range of colours and styles.  It is very easy to get double glazed uPVC windows in a style that you want.

3.    How do I go about getting a quote for uPVC glazing?

The best place to begin your search for quality windows is online.  There you will be able to find innumerous amounts of manufacturers of uPVC double glazing windows and from the comfort of your residence will be able to compare prices.  You can ask any of these companies to quote you, whether you only want a quote for a single window or for an entire uPVC conservatory – simply send them the measurement of the units that you want to be quoted for and they will immediately let you know what they would charge.  Many lean to conservatory structures can benefit from this type of window glazing because of the way the lean to is constructed.

While much of this discussion is regarding windows and the specific questions commonly asked, many of these same features apply to the similar PVC French door products that are available.  They come in many colors and styles that can accomodate most home designs.

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