Usefulness of Fitted Wardrobes

For people who are looking to add more wardrobe space in their bedrooms, a fitted bedroom wardrobe can be a wonderful solution. Not only are they very practical, they come in various sizes, styles and configurations, which would give you a lot of choices.

Why would someone need such a furniture piece? People often need to expand their hanging closet space. They may have a 1950s house with a small confined closet. Let’s briefly go through some of the configuration options possible with fitted wardrobes – a hanging rod with drawer or two on the bottom, mostly drawers with a open space at the top for a television set or short hanging items, or all drawers. They can be very large and deep, wide and shallow or tall and narrow.

What do you need to do to ensure you get the right wardrobe designs for your needs? The first step is to measure the space. These measurements will include the height, the width, and the depth.  The second step is to determine what is needed, a hanging rod and a lot of space, more shelves, more drawers, a cabinet to hold the TV and stereo.  Once the purchaser knows the size and the configuration of the unit, shopping is easy.  If the size is not available to fit the space, many manufacturers will customize their product to fit.

These come in finishes to fit any decor. There are pressed and engineered woods available complete with a laminated finish in wide variety of colors. Almost any type of wood is available in any finish. These can be simple, elegant, or ornate.

Fitted wardrobes are not just for the bedroom anymore. These can be used in the utility room for extra storage, in the kitchen as a TV nook and cupboard, in a living room to hold games or create a convenient snack area or in a hallway for coats.

With the variety of styles and designs, there is a fitted wardrobe that will fill whatever space is available.

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