Versatile Tub Chairs At Home

One of the most familiar chair styles is the tub chair of the Art Deco design.  Resembling the curved end of a bathtub and having high arms curved toward the floor, this classic chair is recognized in hotels, offices, and homes as the favorite seat for those needing a place to relax.  While the basic style has remained unchanged since the 18th century, the variations in materials, quality, and function have expanded.

Hard wood paired with high-quality leather composes the sturdy leather tub chair that will endure heavy use in every setting.  When inferior materials are used to create a tub chair, the consumer learns too late that saving a few dollars on the purchase will require replacing the chair within five years.  Artisans that design and craft chairs with the highest quality components are known by name and coveted on the antique market because their chairs have outlasted modern replicas.

Price is not a true indicator of the quality of any piece of furniture, and finding a tub chair that is sturdy and durable requires some research and investigation.  Overturning the chair and inspecting the manufacturer label will reveal the type of wood and upholstery used and the factory where the piece was made.  Factories in eastern countries turn out massive quantities of inferior quality while the privately owned factories in western countries use superior woods and genuine leathers to produce chairs that will last for decades.

Seating areas have replaced physical walls in the great rooms of homes, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants.  The round backs of swivel tub chairs allow for ease of configuration and movement for the staff and patrons alike.  There is something very welcoming about the tub chair, and once seated most people are content to stay for a while and relax.  Even in stressful situations, these classic chairs can quiet the soul and rejuvenate the tired body.

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