The Versatility of a White Bookcase

A white bookcase is probably one of the most versatile element in a home or office decor.

There is something about a white bookcase that compels designers to come up with great designs since they cannot use color to put their design in valor. That is one reason why we can find so many creative ideas in white bookcases that we don’t always see in wood tone bookshelves.

Not all bookcases are going to have some outlandish design and you will find many that are simple, rectilinear and unadorned. That is because a lot of people choosing white for their office or home office, do so to keep decorating uncomplicated. If you are looking for a way to keep you decorating flexible then white is a good way to go, you will be able to change rugs, or accessories but keep the main furniture and end up with a totally different look. This is a very modern way to look at white that is fitting for any contemporary decor.

They can also be a great addition to more traditional settings. White or aged white is a favorite color of shabby chic design. If you have an old unused bookcase in your basement or garage, it is easy to convert it to shabby chic and give it a whole new life. Simply paint it white and use a few antiquing techniques to age the paint and your antique white bookcase will be ready for several more years of service in style. Perfect for a shabby chic home decor, or as an addition to an eclectic environment.

Another favorite use of a these bookcases is in childrens’ rooms. When children are very young you can have a babyish decor, that will be changed a couple of years later as the toddler has different needs. This decor will change again and more than likely so will the colors of the rooms as the child grows older. By using a white bookcase you can use any colors or motifs to change the room, and keep something constant. It is comforting to children to have something familiar when changes are made. A neutral color like this will last much longer in a child’s room than any other.

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