Vinyl Exterior Shutters Are A Great Choice

Exterior shutters are a great accessory to the home. They help accentuate the overall theme and give your home decor that added touch of class.  The obvious question is, “what type of exterior shutters are perfect for my home?” There are a lot of exterior shutters out there in the market right now but there is this very popular window treatment that homeowners and experts speak highly of namely vinyl plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are horizontal slats that have a single vertical bar in the middle; the vertical bar helps the user manipulate the whole thing effectively and evenly. The main purpose of this article right here is to dissect what makes the product so great thus we can better determine if it is really fit for your home.

These are just a sample of what’s available. There are many many colors and patterns from which to choose.

Builders Edge, Inc. 12″ x 75″ Bordeaux Standard Style Raised Panel Vinyl Exterior Shutters (Pair)

Brand: Builders Edge, Inc. Stock size. Shutter mounting hardware included. Made of lightweight fade-resistant vinyl. Easy installation on any surface. Authentic raised panel styling. See site for additional options. 40 year transferrable warranty included.

Builders Edge Inc Pr 15X60 Blk Shutter 010140060-002 Shutters Exterior

Pair, 15″ x 60″ Black Vinyl Louvered Shutter.

Vinyl exterior shutters provide many benefits helping your house be a better home. The design permits it to be highly functional.  The secret is really in the slats; they are great in providing light control, insulation, protection and privacy. They are great in providing your home with light control because the slats permit the right amount light through and deflects the excess back to the environment.  If you want a more complete darkness inside your home, you’ll be better off using blackout blinds or combine these shutters with some type of interior window blinds.

They are also great in blocking the dangerous UV rays; exposure to these rays can lead to skin damage and, similarly, damage to the interior of your home and furniture. They are also excellence insulators because they add another layer to your windows, thus effectively trapping your conditioned air (heat or cold) inside your home. There are specific cellular shades, sometimes called honeycomb shades, that are designed to provide more thermal protection inside your home, too.

Most importantly they provide your home with privacy; the slats are effective in shutting everything out from sounds, vibration, pollution and even people. Providing you your much needed rest  and relaxation inside the solitude of your home.

These shutters will also provide your home with more personality and style. The slats are made of vinyl, making them very appealing to the eyes. The sleek look of vinyl gives your windows that classic and timeless look, without the maintenance hassle.  Even if your home isn’t for sale, curb appeal is still important.  You’ll definitely have that with these types of shutters.  They are best put on wide windows that can be found on porches, terraces, living rooms, etc. They bring out the potential of the rooms because of the light they let in the room. These window treatment ideas are an upgrade for your home, aesthetically speaking.

With these features and benefits, there is no reason why these shutters will not serve your needs.  If you’re comparing between real wood or vinyl, you’ll be impressed by the real wood grain patterns and color choices available today with these vinyl styles.  They are definitely the winner in terms of maintenance, as real wood requires yearly up-keep; sanding, staining, painting, etc.  You can almost feel your weekends slipping away, can’t you?  Invest in some quality vinyl exterior shutters and you and your home will be glad you did.

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