Votive Candles Add to Any Occasion

Votive candles come in many different colors and even in different fragrances making it possible to find a votive candle for any celebration. Mainly used in churches as a way to show you were praying for a particular purpose, they are now utilized virtually everywhere and are often known as those little short candles with the holders.  These are sometimes called tea light holders or tea lights if talking about the candles.

Votive candles are normally set inside a holder, which is typically made of glass and at its plainest is simply clear glass to hold the candle upright and collect the melting wax. Holders come in a huge assortment of styles and decorations. Often they are custom etched or imprinted as a way to remember special occasions. They can be personalized with anniversary dates or wedding dates and used as table settings and then given to the guests.

Holders also can come in a frosted glass giving an opaque look to the candle light. Colored holders are also common and can be combined with colored candles to mix and match colors for any decorating scheme.

One of the neatest uses for a votive candle is the light inside of a jack-o-lantern. The carved out pumpkin needs a light to light up the scary face and a votive candle is definitely up to the task. Their wide base makes them stable inside the pumpkin, unlike a piece of a left-over taper candle that falls over and sometimes ignites the jack-o-lantern making for an exciting time on the front porch. A cinnamon or ginger scented candle inside the pumpkin adds to the fall atmosphere and provides a nice smelling presentation.

Scented votive candles are also useful for providing a pleasing aroma in different rooms in your house. Instead of burning incense a votive candle will provide light as well as adding scent to the room. They are available in many different scents and fragrances to meet almost everyone’s need for any event or celebration.

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