Planning a Walk In Shower Installation

Walk in showers are becoming an increasingly popular addition to many peoples bathrooms when they decide to remodel. They were often considered a luxury but times have changed and many now consider them a must have. When a lot of people go to buy a house, they now have on their list of requirements a walk in shower.

If you are embarking on a bathroom remodeling project then it is imperative that you plan the installation of a walk in shower enclosure properly to ensure it becomes an integral feature in the bathroom. A poorly planned remodeling project will cost you a lot of money and you will end up with something you are not entirely happy with. Adequate planning prior to construction will make sure that you do not experience any unpleasant surprises.

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When looking at different walk in shower designs you will notice that there are many designs to choose from along with many different functions and features. A lot of manufacturers also give the option of customizing the design to your requirements. There are a few considerations to make, however, prior to choosing a design for your bathroom.

Advice on selecting the best shower for your bathroom:

1. Size: When choosing your shower design, one of the most important aspects to take in to consideration is the size of your bathroom. You do not really want to end up picking a unit that is either too small or too large for your bathroom. You need a unit that is both accessible, comfortable when using and does not require too much cleaning or maintenance.

2. Floor slope: In order to prevent pools of water collecting you need to have a small slope in the floor. After installing the shower unit the water should run away, down the slope and down through the outlet. Pools of water collecting can be a hazard and also cause damp.

3. Additional Features: It is possible to buy a unit with a number of additional functions and features depending on your requirements. Of the many accessories, they include: steam features which allow you to turn your shower enclosure into your very own steam shower; different types of enclosures to separate the bathroom from the showering are; a multi-head shower to provide jets of water at different heights and angles.

Overall, the walk in shower is a lot more than your basic shower. It is an area of the house to customize to your tastes and to relax in after a long hard day.

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