Walk In Showers and Showers Without Doors

There are many reasons to choose walk in showers. First, they are useful when you have limited space, and there simply is not enough room for a full-size bathtub and shower.  These small bathroom designs benefit greatly from either actual or a perceived increase in square footage.  Secondly, some bathrooms are large enough to have a large soaking bathtub along with a separate shower. Regardless if space is scarce or abundant, stand-alone showers have many benefits.  You can find shower designs that incorporate many modern conveniences and contemporary looks that will suit most any type of bathroom decor.

Walk in showers with glass doors are not only popular but extremely attractive, and one of the hottest trends in bathroom designs. Costs vary considerably depending on if you hire someone to install the shower or if you are skilled and can install it yourself. Obviously, the later is the cheaper route. Cost for materials alone range from $2,000 for a basic shower to over $5,000 for a top of the line or larger shower. Purchasing the materials and hiring someone to install it is less expensive than ordering the entire shower along with installation.

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The elderly also benefit from a walk-in shower since the flooring on newer models are non-slip making it safer than a bathtub and shower combination. Today. The elderly live more independently than ever and arranging a bathroom with safer options helps to ensure their well-being and freedom.

Cleaning showers without a bathtub is less strenuous than attempting to clean both the tub, tile and doors. Newer homes typically have garden tubs, which are quite wide and deep so cleaning a combo is cumbersome, and obviously not the best solution for the elderly or anyone with physical challenges.

Another option is showers without doors, which normally is less expensive because you do not have the added cost of glass, doors and grout. Benefits to no doors are the possibility to swap out shower curtains from time-to-time and give the bathroom an entirely new look. Typically, curtains for the shower cost much less than the added expense of the doors. Curtains, rods, and liners come in many different fabrics and colors from basic to luxurious and changing these every so often is appealing to many.

An additional benefit to curtains over doors is over time the grout and glass become moldy with daily use if the area is not dried thoroughly after each use. Dried water spots can also create a problem after a period of use if the doors are not cleaned regularly.

Regardless if you choose doors or curtains, a walk-in shower is trendy, economical, helpful for elderly, and easier to clean.

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