Custom Walk In Wardrobe Designs

If you are experiencing wardrobe malfunctions because you cannot easily access your casual and business attire, chances are you have a need for a walk in closet or wardrobe. While many homeowners are limited in the amount of space they have to dedicate to their footwear and clothing, walk in wardrobe designs offer a practical alternative to organize your clothing and accessories. If you have enough space and choose the right layout, you can make a great use of your space and add value to your home in the meantime. With new paneling systems available on the market today, walk in wardrobe designs vary from very small and inexpensive to larger and higher in price. Refer to the wardrobe designs below to find a wardrobe paneling system that is suitable for you.

Fixed Custom Designs

Designs of wardrobes vary from basic to comprehensive. While some do not have a large need for dressing tables, shelving units, cupboards, and drawers, others do. Depending on the amount of space you have available for your walk in wardrobe, you can invest in as little as hanging racks and as much as a fully modular paneling system complete with everything from head to toe. Your budget, preference, and dedicated space will determine what type of modular system you invest in. Because walk in wardrobes are very adaptable to spaces of any size, you can create a finished closet that suits your personal preference and adapts to the amount of space you have available.  Some of these include sliding wardrobe doors for easier access.

The Quality of Materials

When you are comparing wardrobe designs, you will need to choose paneling systems that are complimentary to your interior home decor. Modular systems come in a number of different finishes, and the quality of the materials used will definitely matter. High quality materials will last a long time and will look beautiful even when the pieces age. Look for quality woods with attractive finishes to have a beautiful end product. Also find paneling systems that include shelf support systems and concealed support mechanisms to ensure the wardrobe can carry the weight of your clothing.

Prices of wardrobe paneling systems will vary on the type of applications you choose. Because these systems are quick and easy to install, you may be able to save money by dedicating time to the project and doing it yourself. Some DIY and single wardrobes are less expensive than other larger ones.  Expect to spend between $500 and $5000 for your fitted wardrobe depending on which design and layout you choose.

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