Why Many Homes are Switching to a Wall Hung Toilet

Most bathroom upgrades or renovations often call for the installation of a new toilet and what better toilet to replace your old one than a wall hung toilet. Bathroom remodeling, like other home renovations can be expensive, especially if you invest in these modern and stylish toilet fixtures.

This wall-mounted fixture had its start in many commercial buildings and public bathrooms. However, their functionality and efficiency has made them a welcome addition to every modern home. With the many benefits offered by this fixture, it is no surprise that a growing number of homeowners choose them over the traditional floor-based types.

One of the benefits of these wall-mounted fixtures is the additional bathroom space you can reclaim. Since they are mounted on the wall, rather than the floor, they create additional floor space. The water tank has been replaced by an efficient water supply system within the wall which makes the wall appear wider and the floor area look unobstructed, giving the bathroom a more spacious appearance. This type of fixture will do great wonders for smaller bathrooms.

Unlike conventional toilets, you can personalize the height of a wall mounted toilet according to your specs. By merely informing your contractor about your personal specifications, the toilet can be set to a comfortable height. This will benefit tall as well as short people. With the toilet’s height adjusted to suit their individual preferences, they will feel more comfortable when using the fixture.

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If you keep an immaculately clean bathroom, then you’ll be pleased with wall-mounted toilets. Since they are wall-mounted, you can easily reach under the fixture and clean every area without effort. With a simple mop and the cleaner of your choice, you can clean your bathroom without being obstructed by a water tank or protruding plumbing fixtures.

The wall-hung fixture lends an air of stylishness to your bathroom. With its modern and sleek design, it is the best choice to give your bathroom a fashionable look. When choosing a model to install, be sure that its design will go well with your bathroom theme and decor.

If the bathroom floor is too tough for the plumber to pitch the drain, then a wall-mounted unit will provide an easier solution. Because everything is installed on the wall, it’s no longer required to drill into the floor for waste lines.

Wall mounted toilets use less water than floor-mounted models and thus will help you save on monthly water bills. There is no bulky water tank to fill and the possibility of a leakage is eliminated.

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