Wallpaper That’s Green? What A Great Idea!

I just got finished reading an article that really caught my eye and I thought I just had to share.  I was looking for some new decorating ideas for my living room and was doing a search on wallcoverings.  You see, I know that many types of wallpaper can contain some not so great materials in them that are harmful for the environment and such.  But, eco-friendly home decor can only go so far, right? I can’t help it, I like the look that wallpaper affords when it comes to design options but wanted to see if I could find a better alternative than some of the vinyl stuff out there on the market.  And I did!

I found a very interesting article that talked about green wallpapers, and thought to myself – what a great idea!  Now, I’m not talking about wallpaper in the color green (although it is my favorite color!).  Instead what I’m talking about is wallpaper that is “green” – as in eco-friendly, good for the environment, made with natural and nontoxic ingredients.  The site I found the info on, DIY Her Way, had all kinds of interesting articles about do-it-yourself projects, building stuff and decorating and design choices.

Here’s what they had to say about finding wallpaper that is considered green.  Apparently, there are a number of companies that now offer wallpaper choices that are made from recycled paper and natural type fibers and materials (such as cotton).  Even the dyes that are used in the dying process are all-natural and are not harmful to the environment or your home (or you!).  In fact, even the pastes and adhesives are made with ingredients that are environmentally responsible!  These wallpaper options, while more expensive than other more traditional choices, have been coming down in price as more and more companies offer the greener alternatives, so as supply increases, the prices have been decreasing, make it easier to choose as a viable wall covering option.  There are also many more wall treatment options available that do not include toxic or harmful agents used in their manufacturing or installation.

I thought this was such a cool idea and much prefer this option to low or no voc paints.  So, I’m heading online to see if I can find some green wallpaper to cover my living room walls with.  Wish me luck!

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