Washing Goose Down Comforters

As popular as down comforters are, one common hesitation in buying one is that it’s tough to wash them. It’s risky to do it yourself, but you can. Dry cleaning is costly and you end up with no comforter for a few days, so if you can do it yourself you should try to. You should only need to wash it a couple of times a year, unless it gets stained. It will last much longer if you don’t wash it very often.  To simply freshen rather than wash, you can take the cover off and simply hang it outside. You only need to dry clean your goose down about once every three to five years.

How to wash your down comforter:

1. If you have a twin or full sized down comforter, or even a goose down pillow, you may be able to wash it in your home washing machine. If you have a queen or king you should go to a laundry mat and use one of their large washing machines and dryers.

2. Use cold water and use a lot of it. Do not use any fabric softener and very little laundry detergent. If the comforter is balooning up, you need more water. It should look soaked and shrunken after the wash cycle is finished. You may need to do several wash cycles to fully soak and rinse it.

3. Dry using cold air. An industrial sized dryer at a laundry mat will work the best. Add a tennis ball or some sort of solid ring to help break up the down while drying.  It’s important for the comforter to be 100% dry, or it it will smell. Make sure to pull the comforter out and rearrange it to expose the wet parts.

4. You can dry it in the dryer for a half hour to an hour and air dry it the rest of the way. It may take up to 24 hours of air drying before it’s ready to be back on your bed. All areas should be totally dry.

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