Waverly Curtains Provide Great Window Style

Waverly Curtains are fast becoming a new buzzword in modern circles when it comes to home window fashion. They offer an exciting and complete range of Waverly® Fabric window curtains that include supreme window treatment ideas such as single panels (including door panels), pinch pleat drapes and curtain sets, kitchen curtains, valances, tab top curtains, priscillas, sheers, privacy tiers and swag sets.

Top quality, durable and 100% cotton describes Waverly® fabrics, which you will find in the diversified window curtains offered, such as the solid colors from the Dayita collection, presenting white, black, egg, sand, chocolate, sage, coffee, blues, navy, federal red. Or, perhaps

Waverly curtains

This is one example of these gorgeous Waverly curtains with a valance.

the P. Kaufman ® Woven Plaid collection, where Apple Green, Chestnut Brown, Black, Nantucket Blue or Brick are all available to mix and match with your color schemes, is more what interests you.

Don’t forget about the Aspen® Gingham check fabrics with blue, brick, lime and radish being some colors to choose from. Keep looking and you will discover impressive floral patterns such as Tiffany, Imperial Dress, Emma’s Garden, Hannah’s Garden, Grape Arbor and Mimi Floral, which could offer colors such as lavender/French blue and dusty rose/mauve, or a Jacobean style floral print on jacquard fabric.

There are also intriguing sheers, stripes, tropical or exotic prints, sheers, paisley prints and Waverly’s classic scroll prints, with popular fabrics named Wedgewood Ornamental Scroll, Evening Scroll, Sonoma Scroll and Sultan Scroll. Technology today affords us many liberties, and one of those liberties is checking out prices online, in order to find out the best possible prices for the curtains or items that you are looking for.

A window scarf valance adds an extraordinary touch to simple window curtains. For example, a lovely Double Scarf Valance, made from a 75/25 polyester and cotton blend, from Waverly’s Country Life collection in the French Country Toile and tickling (coordinating) fabric design boasts a price of only $59.99 on EBay, but seen on sale for under $40 at Pier 1 Imports, and less than $30 at Sears and Lowes. It is a 36” x 20” measurement and fits a single window up to 36” wide. It is fully lined with a cream color lining. These window valances have a three inch rod pocket, and uses a two and a half inch continental rod for hanging.

By browsing online, for Waverly® curtains, you can not only see pictures of some great window treatments, but you can also get an idea of the colors and patterns available, as well as a scope of prices. The Waverly Country House Toile Sheer Scarf, which is Red with a 54” width and length of 216”, goes very quickly on places like E-bay and Amazon. The Home Classic burgundy staccato stripe curtains called Rose Momento, with an 84” length and 15” width can be found for around $30-35 in most places.  Some stores will price them under $30, with the matching, crimson burgundy valance being sold for close to $15. The window curtains have rod pockets so that the decorative curtain rod can be displayed.

Privacy tiers (ruffled or unruffled) are typically used for doors that require some privacy, as well as the ability to glance out, much like café curtains. There are also classic priscillas that are ruffled, with or without valances. An average looking window can be enhanced royally by adding ruffled Priscilla curtains with tiebacks and a valance, for as little as $45, or pick up an Antique Gold Waverly Home Classic Ascot Valance, 50” long for only $25. These are just a couple of window treatment ideas that are very easy on the pocketbook and very pleasing to the eye. Waverly curtains will definitely enhance the look and feel of the room they’re in.

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