What Are Divan Beds?

Divan beds have been a popular option for a long time when it comes to creating a comfortable sleeping area. However, not many people know much about where the term comes from and what it actually means. In this article we’ll be going through a brief overview of the history of the term divan as well as what’s meant by a divan bed today.

What does divan mean?

The word divan originated in the Ottoman Empire to name a specific type of furniture which used a mattress as a seat. The mattress was sometimes on a raised platform but in many cases was just on the floor against a wall. Cushions were then propped against the wall to make the furniture more comfortable to sit on.

The reason this type of furniture became known as divan because they were used mainly in government offices which were called divans in the Middle East. Then during the late 1700s Europeans began using the term to describe a type of furniture that became very fashionable. Since then the term divan has transformed into a type of style rather than a specific piece of furniture hence why you can buy divan beds.

What are divan beds?

Before you start looking to buy a divan bed it helps to know a bit about the furniture and what you can expect. While originally a long mattress was used for divan furniture today a divan bed consists of a regular size mattress, a solid base with drawers and a head board in most cases although some will not include this. If you buy a divan bed set then it may also come with some cushions to put against the headrest.

How much do they cost?

The price of a divan bed depends on the size you buy as well as the company you buy from. It’s often tempting to go for the cheapest option but because sleep is so important that’s rarely a good idea. Instead, it’s worth spending a bit extra on a bed you know will provide you with a good nights sleep.

A divan bed can be a wonderful addition to almost any bedroom because there is such a range of styles available. However, because of this it can be difficult to know which is the best for you so make sure you spend some time researching different styles and types of bed before making your decision.

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