What to Look For in a Home Security System

You may not know all of the ins and outs of a home security system, but it is important to know what it should include and how it can be most helpful to your home and family. Every home security system should include a few things as well as offer some perks or additional options for you to choose. You can always enhance the protection of your home by using items likeĀ outdoor lighting and landscaping to offer more physical protection.


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There are a few security companies that have been around for a long time and you would be able to recognize their name if you heard or saw it. Often you can find stickers or signs in neighborhoods that will give you an idea of what neighbors found confidence in which companies. If you find the same company name over and over, that’s a good sign that the company has a good reputation of service in that area. Talk to friends, family and neighbors about their opinion on security companies they currently use or used in the past. Do your research beforehand and even look at customer reviews on the product to get a real inside look of how their product is working for other people.

Offers Warranty:

Companies that offers warranties on their installation, service or product is a big bonus. You only need a one-year warranty which will give you enough time to test the product and see if it works properly and is a good fit for your home. Most companies already offer warranties because they are confident in their installation process and products. If you find a company thatdoesn’toffer warranties, it could be a warning sign to something going wrong.

Free Relocation:

Look for a company that will let you move and relocate your house alarm for free, if you continue to pay for remote monitoring. This allows you to have your current system uninstalled andre-installedat your new location free of cost. Other options can include a relocation kit where you can easily take the system with you when you choose to leave. This could be helpful if you have to quickly move or don’t have enough time to call your company to uninstall the system. 24-hour Monitoring: Remote monitoring is when your alarm system goes off and a call center receives the signal to authorize the alarm. The call center will then call your home and if nobody answers they will send local authorities to check the area. Make sure your 24-hour monitoring includes police, medical emergency or fire response and is offered at an affordable rate.

Offers Extra Protection:

If you have committed to purchasing and installing a home security system, companies might offer additional alarms for a lower cost. These will include carbon monoxide alarms and fire monitoring. The procedure for these two systems will be similar to a 24-hour monitoring system and would worth considering since the company will already be at your home to install the security system. Some states require homes to install carbon monoxide alarms. Also, some companies may come with other products such as exterior cameras and security signs.

Basic features:

Every security system should include:

  • A panic button that notifies local authorities in a touch of a button
  • Voice activated dialing especially for handicapped or elderly
  • Battery backup if the power goes out
  • Customizable settings that can easily let you change options or passwords

Other features you could look for that may not be as common include:

  • Broken glass sensors that will alarm if the sound is picked up
  • Motion sensors that can be adjusted in sensitivity for pets and smaller children
  • Window and door access alarms that doesn’t require wiring and can be put up on as many entrances as the customer wants
  • Lamp light sensors that will scare intruders away thinking someone in the house is aware of their presence

The author of this article is Amber Singh, a home security editor and expert at BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com.

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