Where To Shop For Makeup Vanities

So you’ve decided that its high time you got yourself a vanity table.  A place where you can get yourself primped and perfect and ready to face the day.  It’s a great thing to have, and certainly a romantic addition to any bedroom.  But once you’ve made the decision to get it, the next question becomes where to buy it.

When shopping for makeup vanities, you have several options that you consider.  The first and most obvious one is your local furniture store.  You might have several in close proximity to your home, and you might even be friendly with the owner and therefore able to get a nice little discount.  You also have the advantage of taking a look at the furniture itself and making sure that it’s what you want in terms of color, style, and quality.

Another option you should consider is that of buying from an antique shop.  There is nothing like an antique to add an air of mystery and romance, and you can find some truly one of a kind gems at these stores.  If that sounds like its up your alley, make sure to call first and see if they have any vanities in the store.  Since each item they carry will be unique, they may not have any at the moment and your trip would be in vain.

A third option is to purchase your new bathroom vanity table online.  While you won’t be able to examine it in person, you will gain the benefit of a much wider variety as far a selection is concerned.  You can find just the style, size, color, and material that you are looking for, and you can easily shop around to find the right price as well.  Another benefit is that many online stores offer free shipping.

Provided by our guest author, Maya Tan, of TimberAndTextiles.com

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