When A White Ceiling Fan Makes Sense In A Room

Ensuring a white ceiling fan goes well with a room is fairly simple to do, mainly because the color white is universal in terms of its match-up ability. However, just because it might match any color doesn’t mean that the fan should go into just about any room. It’s always important to look at whether the room is darkly-colored or light in color as well as its decor before proceeding, first of all.

Much of these considerations highlight why decor and color tone is important when it comes to a room and ceiling fan. For one, dark rooms usually don’t look nearly as nice with a lightly-colored ceiling fan as they would with one more appropriate to the tone. Therefore, white fans are probably more appropriate for certain bedrooms and rooms that are lighter-in-tone or even pastel colored, for what it’s worth.

As well, ceiling fans that are white also tend to match-up nicely in a number of differently-colored and styled kitchens. This is most often the case when the kitchen itself features light or white cabinetry and appliances. Again, these kinds of fans fare poorly if they’re placed into kitchens that are heavy with dark cabinets and appliances. In fact, they tend to look garish in such kitchens.

A couple of other things to keep in mind when it comes to ceiling fans and where they belong is the matter of the light kit that will probably be hooked up to the ceiling fan. It should go without saying that the kit should be appropriate as well for the room. For example, hooking up an extremely ornate or antique light kit to a fan going into a modern room probably won’t work out so well.

It can be a good idea, therefore, to take a photograph of the room in which the ceiling fan will be placed. That photograph can be referenced while at the store to ensure that the right kind of fan will be selected and that it matches the general decor or atmosphere of the room. It also helps to keep a person from over-styling the room, which sometimes happens when a ceiling fan is purchased.

Generally speaking, a white fan can work well in a wide variety of rooms, as long as they blend into the room and don’t stand out ridiculously. Try to match up the fan with the room so that it brings style and elegance to the room and not subtracts style and elegance, truthfully. After that, consider costs (fans run from $50 to more than $200) and what kind of lighting kit will be attached to the fan.

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