Window Treatment Ideas

When it comes time to decorate a room or an entire home, one of the areas that deserve special consideration are the windows. The type of window treatments you choose will have a direct impact on the overall design and decor of the room. Depending on the particular room, whether it is a bedroom, kitchen, living area, or some other room in the home, you will oftentimes want to make different choices. The window treatment ideas or coverings appropriate for one space may not work so well in another.

A simple 2" outside mount wooden blind in soft white.

There are numerous treatment ideas and materials that can range from the casual to more sophisticated and elegant in design and appearance. However, the type of window treatment you choose should be something that fits with the feel and style of your home as well as the furnishings in the room.  You will be spending a fair amount of money on these accessories so you want them to enhance the overall look and not be too obtrusive.

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One popular item for coverings are window blinds. Blinds are available in many different styles and can be found to suit almost any room or style. There are both vertical and horizontal blinds as well as many different materials used in making them. Discount window treatments like an inexpensive vertical blind will often be made from plastic and fabric, where as a more upscale option would be a beautiful wooden blind. Wood blinds are available in both vertical and horizontal styles and can easily be custom ordered to fit any window. The only problem with wood is that it may not hold up as well in humid conditions, such as in a bathroom. However, there are some beautiful faux wood blinds that look like the real thing, but will be much more durable as well as less expensive. The choice will come down to personal preference, where they will be installed as well as budget concerns.

Curtains and Window Treatments

Other popular window treatments are curtains and drapes. These options are so varied the design possibilities are seemingly unlimited. You can choose from ready-made to custom ordered in just about any fabric option you can imagine. There are also a variety of curtain panel choices with regard to the manner in which they attach to the curtain pole or rod.  These could be tab-style or The ready-made drapes are available in many different sizes to suit most standard windows. Many times, curtains and drapes will be topped with a matching valance to give the window a more finished and decorative touch.

An elegant looking drape effect in a vibrantly colored choice.

One thing to consider with drapes, especially in a bedroom, is that they can let in a lot of light depending on the type of fabric that is used. For more privacy, some people choose to hang a simple roller shade under their curtains or drapes. Not only will a shade provide more privacy, it will block a great deal of light from coming in and if you prefer total darkness there are even room darkening shades. This can be a great option for a baby’s nursery or for anyone who needs to get some sleep during daylight hours.

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What About Window Treatments for Large Windows?

Some people have large open or bay windows that they choose not to cover with anything. Perhaps they have a gorgeous view and they want to keep the window unobstructed, or maybe they just prefer the openness of a clear view. While there are bay window treatments that could still preserve these qualities, a great design option for this type of window is a cornice board.

A cornice board can be used alone, or it can be used over another type of treatment. The nice thing with a cornice board is the design options are very flexible.  Simply pick a material or fabric that coordinates with furnishings and the decor of the room and a custom cornice board can be created. These window treatment ideas can be made with many design options as well as shapes and sizes, so they will complement any room.

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