Window Valances to Enhance your Bedroom

If you are looking to update your bedroom you will probably think about changing the bedding and also the window treatments in your room. When you are thinking about your windows why not consider adding window valances along with the new curtains. Although they are not strictly necessary they add something special which can make your bedroom stand out from the crowd.

In a very formal bedroom with a tailored bed cover and piped cushions, you could use a very formal valance too – one which is is either geometric in shape or which has neatly arranged swags and crisply folded tails. This works well if it is custom made to suit the window using the same fabric as the curtains but with a contrast for the trim or lining of the tails parts of which you can see when the valance is hung.

In a bedroom with a softer modern style or in a romantic bedroom, a scarf type window valance is ideal. This uses fabric that has good draping qualities rather than one which can be made into crisp folds. A scarf valance is simply a long piece of fabric which is arranged over a drapery rod in soft folds, leaving a tail hanging at one or both sides of the window. The drapery rod must stand slightly away from the curtain rod so that the window valance does not get in the way of opening and closing the curtains.

If you are planning an ultra contemporary style bedroom, you may want to give valances a miss as they can be a decoration too many, however if you are thinking about hanging very plain blinds at your windows, a simple valance is quite useful for softening hard edges and accentuating the colors you have chosen in the blinds or in the remainder of the room. A simple valance gathered in softly at each corner works very well in this case.

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