Wire Shelving Is Not Difficult or Expensive

Installing shelving made from wire in a bathroom, office space or kitchen can seem difficult and expensive at first blush, but nothing could be further from the truth. The variety of wire shelving available today as a result of the ever-increasing sophistication of the manufacturing processes is practically endless. This means that for the average consumer seeking shelving solutions made from metal products such as chrome and stainless steel the hardest task is to make a choice. The installation of metal shelving is a smart decorating decision and one that will certainly inject an aesthetic element that will give a room a surge of energy.

Not all metal shelving is chromed or finely spaced - this is a custom recycled iron design.

In the case of chrome shelving it is possible to acquire kits that can be assembled with a few simple tools and add on extra shelving to that which already exists in a room. For example, wire corner shelves ranging from eight inches deep to thirty inches deep and including an extra four shelves can be connected to existing shelving units using ‘S’ hooks and extra metal posts. In an office space that is in desperate need of additional shelving this solution is perfect since they can be placed end-to-end and double the amount of available storage area.   If deep enough, these can be combined with some decorative storage boxes to create a nice filing or organizing system.

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These shelving additions would be exactly the answer for a residential garage that is being organized to accommodate a constant flow of items acquired by a growing family.

The simple fact is that chrome wire shelving provides a room or office with function plus style. In the case of a bathroom or bedroom makeover, a carefully selected and installed series of decorative wire mesh shelves can provide a very cool effect as a result of the light that is able to penetrate the mesh. In the end, the durability and the tensile strength of wire shelving makes it a nearly perfect choice for almost any shelving need inside or outside the home.

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