Wooden Writing Desks

There are many different styles of writing desks on the market, including those made from hard plastic, metal and of course wood. Writing desks were traditionally made from hard wood, which is why you will often find plenty around still. They were built to last.

A wood writing desk is often more sturdy than those made from other materials.  Steer clear of faux wood, or composite wood desks whenever possible. They will not last nearly as long as one made from genuine wood and they ruin easily if any water gets onto the surface.

An antique writing desk.

You can choose to purchase an antique writing desk, though be expected to pay a considerable sum of money for it—unless you are able to find an old one that is in need of repair and refinishing. You can sometimes find good deals on genuine antiques at garage sales, or flea markets so keep your eye out for them.  The revival of certain styles of secretary’s desk has caused these items to be found more commonly, so this can sometimes work to your advantage.

There are also plenty of antique style writing desks, those made to resemble the writing desks of centuries gone by. These are usually fairly reasonably priced, especially in comparison to the genuine article, and they look great in any room with wood furniture.

More modern writing desks are sometimes painted, with the white writing desk being very popular. A white writing desk looks great in a child’s bedroom, where it can be used for projects and homework. It also looks fantastic set under a window, giving you a pleasant location to work in. They fit well in bedrooms where the furniture is made from a lighter wood shade as well.

Painted black writing desks can also look great providing you have the right type of decor in the room they will be placed in. Black is a rather dominating color, however a black writing desk would blend in well with a richly colored room.

Usually desks are not painted other colors, as it can be quite difficult working on  a brightly painted red, yellow or blue desk!  Still, a lot will depend on what you are using the desk for. If it is mainly for decorative purposes, and you will be setting a nice potted plant or a vase on top, and the room is also brightly colored it could work well. Brown or beige blend in well with most furniture types.

A wooden writing desk can either be classic or very modern looking, depending on where it will be placed and what effect you would like to have with it. The great thing about wood is that if you do not like the color or the stain, or if you change your other furniture, you can always simply strip and refinish it.  This is much easier and less time intensive with a small desk as there is much less wood to work on.

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