Get Into Wool Area Rugs

Its my humble opinion that everyone should have at least a few wool area rugs in their house if they want to make it as enjoyable place to be as possible. There’s nothing quite like snuggling up in front of the fire with a good book while lounging on your favorite shag rug.

You don’t have to go as far as me by having a rug in every room but you might want to investigate this home accessory if you have yet to take the plunge into this exciting world. Whether you prefer the idea of a retro green shag rug or a funky leather spaghetti rug you will have no trouble finding something to suit your needs in one of the many specialist stores that offer their goods online.

No matter which room in your house you are trying to add a little extra style to the rug could be the answer. A small yellow in the bathroom to make getting out of the bath that little bit easier or a comfy wool rug at the foot of your bed to warm your feet in the morning.

In my own petite bathroom I have covered most of the floor with area rugs, mostly shag because they are the ones I find to be the comfiest and coziest.

Near the entrance to my home I have a large sisal rug that sits rolled up ready to be taken to the beach or whenever I think it might come in handy. If you know anything about rugs you probably know you shouldn’t get water in these but mine has been covered in sand and water many a time and still looks great and does its job admirably.

What else have I got in my house in the rug department? Well, perhaps the most cherished is an antique Persian rug that was purchased in Poland many years ago by someone in my husbands family. It started life in Persia, traveled through Warsaw and now finds itself in my house in Spain.  If you’re looking to create a tradition of your own, start with one of the fine wool area rugs and you can expand from there.

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